Love (my life part one)

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The love I lost was a heterosexual relationship between me and a girl I knew from my church. the relationship was steady, not a sexual one, but I really thought I loved her. She was beautiful in my eyes, And sometimes I still look at her and think "why did I lose her?" But I remember now... there was something missing... I did not know that I even liked a single guy back then, but if I think about it, I never really loved her. As a sister, yes, but as a lover, no. There was one day where I asked her if she loved me. My heart broke that day. But in a way, it healed all too quickly.I remember thinking "did Isaac always look that good?" I fell in love with my friend Isaac, who happened to be a BOY! I thought it would pass, but I realized "my god, I'm gay!" I was very homophobic at that time.(no one I knew of in my family was gay) I wondered what I did wrong, this must be a phase, I can't be gay, I loved a girl, it's impossible!

To be continued


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homophobia is a social

homophobia is a social sucks. and what you went through at that time is pretty normal.everyone goes through such a stage in life...thats when you realise that you CAN have feelings for the same sex as you...i mean,its scary at first.but then,you learn to accept and love yourself just the way you are...and i hope you have :)
(P.S) im already addicted to your blog...i wana know what happens next!plz write part two asap!:P:D