Math. Blah.

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I half a math test on half-angle formulas and double angles formulas and proving identities.

I went to my math tutor today and usually after she re-teaches me everything ( teacher is a crazy psycho who can't teach to non-geniuses) I get it. Today I was crying.

Uch. This is hard. I hate this. ARGHH.

A blender fell on my moms toe. Very painful.

Do I have happy news? I had some ice cream today. It was quite tasty.


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awww....maybe this'll make

awww....maybe this'll make you feel kindda better: proving half and double angles are really hard, so i think even geniuses find it hard. dont worry, it'll come to pass okay? if you want you can message me what you'll prove and i'll try solving it for you, but i guarantee you that im no genius.hahaa. anyway, hope you feel better now. :D

p.s. we quite have the same name, only that two of the letters need to be switched.hahaaaa..

I don't like people asking me things that I answer with "I don't know", because it's is hard to admit that there are a LOT of things I really do not know of.

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I feel your pain. Right now

I feel your pain. Right now we're doing this weird angle stuff too, and our math teacher doesn't teach unless the entire class doesn't get it, which isn't a lot of the time considering it's a gifted class and everybody except me's a genius.