Merry Christmas!=D

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First of all,merry christmas to all u lovely people out there!:)
n secondly,i wunt be able to log into Oasis for 1 week from now!:( its cuz im going to India for winter break...On a tour...Dad says that we need to get it touch with our roots.since we(me and my younger sister) have never really seen many parts of now,we will be touring the south part of the country...hopefully it should be a fun and learning experience,as my parents have promised us:)
oh oh,i must tell ya about the christmas eve dinner we had last nite! we went to hog:p at Chillis(one of the best places to eat),the bill shot up till the roof!gosh!but we all contributed and dint let that bog us down...cuz we got out on the street,and acted as if we all were drunk and wasted:D
we hung unto the poles,we danced in the middle of the raods,and we wished every other person passing by *merry christmas* =D
+ we clicked all lesbianish pictures also,wish me n S especially enjoyed.cuz obviously,we saw it as an opportunity to get closer ;)
and since i am leaving tonite,yday was the last day i would see all my friends.atleast until i i hugged everyone tightly before leaving from there...i left S for da last...cuz i wntd her feel to linger on...and it did. she hugged with the same emotions i hugged her with...its like,as soon as our bodies touched,i could feel the heat,the electricity,the passion,the sadness(of me leaving),the love..all at was an overflow of emotions.i knew she felt it too...cuz she dint wana let go.
i dont get can it feel so good?how can she feel so good?how come i feel different for her?
she is cheating on her BOYFRND wit the *other woman* in the story.she once told me "hw can somthng so wrong,feel so good?"
i knew she is trying to tell me that CHEATING is wrong...i mean,c'mon,her poor boyfrnd,he doesnt even know whats happening behind his back!
earlier,we both used to feel terible about the whole thing...but now i guess,its cooler...we have learned to accept it and take it the way it is.we really cant do anythng so better the situation.she loves him..and she loves me too...i understand...i dint earlier,but after a lot of hard work,now i do.and trust me,im glad i understand. cuz more than anythng,i want to make this work.i cant be without her.without her warmth...without her love...i just CANT.
*cya after one week's time!*