My cat died yesterday

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Yeah. And my chest aches. And I miss him. I feel weird and numb. It's so weird, having to adjust to the fact that someone's just...not there. Y'know? I started to talk to myself a little today while I was in my room, and whenever I did that before yesterday, I'd feel weird and shy whenever my cat was in the room, because he'd look at me in this cynical way like, "What the heck are you talking about?" Well, today when I did it, I started to feel self-conscious, and then I rememered that he wasn't there to hear me, anyway. And then I got depressed again.

My mom gave me a day off from school because of him. And I've just been sitting in my room all day, trying to focus on this homework assignment for social studies that was due today, but that I sort of got a reprieve on because I stayed home today. And it's not even close to being done, so I guess I should feel grateful that I got another day, but all I can do is hate the stupid assignment.

And I feel hurt. And numb. Yes, you can feel hurt and numb simultaneously.

Excuse me while I go and cry now.


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I am so sorry! I wish there

I am so sorry! I wish there was something I could do! *hugs*

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I'm really sorry : (

I've had my cat for about 14 years... he's like a little brother to me, i love him dearly, and i don't know what i would do if he were to pass away...
take care hunny, xoxo.

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Oh, I'm so sorry. *Hug*

Oh, I'm so sorry. *Hug* Kitties are the worst to lose. But he had a good life with you, though, didn't he.

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Oh god, I'm sorry. My cat

Oh god, I'm sorry. My cat died four and a half years ago, so I know what you're going through. It gets better, but it helped that we still had our other cat. My friends who have lost cats got new ones, and that helped. *hug* It's just the worst, isn't it?

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the same

Heres me saying the EXACT same thing as everyone else becuause who knows what to say when someone dies anyway, people expect there to be a magic word and when the give up trying to find it they just say this "Oh my god im so sorry." but honestly i say,learn the death is a part of life besides, ur cat is probably in kitty heaven (or whatever u belive) chasing mice or fish,so im sure hes having fun. Just remeber that it will get better one day, and then theres all that about carring them with u even thought u cant see them, i cant shear ur pain tho because ive never really had anyone thats died,well my pets of couse but i dont remember.