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well, I just found out I was bisexual. I recently told two of my friends. one I told myself. the other I told in an E-mail. She hasn't answered yet. As a guy, It seems like I have less to lose telling a girl.


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SO proud of you mister! And another bi boy in the world, yaaaaaay! Looks like you get the best of both worlds? Remember, it's fun to swing entirely in the g-a-y direction too, although being s-t-r-a-i-g-h-t has its benefits too!

Anyway, hope your girl responds, she might actually not consider it a pressing issue :S, the one girl *I've* told about my being gay didn't respond/meltdown with me like I'd hoped yesterday, not that that's a BAD thing, but she may not think it's a big deal either!

Have a good night, smile, you have one less person to hide something from!

You're Amazing.

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well; she answered. she's

well; she answered. she's completely fine about it!!! Now we have to keep this stuff secret from our parents....