My new vegan site launched

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Hey everyone,

Just a note that my new site,, has launched.

It will mainly be a site about vegan things, vegan news, vegan interviews, vegan cooking, vegan food... you might have noticed a pattern there. Basically, if you don't want to read vegan stuff, don't go here.

The introductory essay, which sets the tone for the site, is here:

You can also use the RSS link at the bottom of the sidebar if you want to keep up with this on Google, Bloglines or somesuch.

The site will be updated nearly daily, if not daily.




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Awesome! I could never have

Awesome! I could never have the will power to turn vegan haha
I travel 'round the block
And I'm not looking to my right
I feel the glass against my cheek
And I can't see you in the light
I break my heart around this

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Very cool. I read it during

Very cool. I read it during chemistry.... It was awesome, and resounded with me completely.
I find you quite amusing, and I’m sure you love me too, But sadly I am Lesbian, Though I’ll pretend for you