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I got nice gifts for Christmas. I think the thing I love the most is my argyle sweater and the third season of Ghost Hunters.

On my wishlist was some sort of stuffed critter. I gave examples: horse, kitty, penguin [C has one I'm in love with. Won it for her at the fair], etc. I wanted one that was fairly large and easy to cuddle with. C granted this, but at the same time not.

She gave me a foot long, very soft, stuffed dog. He wears a bandana. His legs are the biggest part about him.

I was very appreciative of the gift to her face, because really, it's what I wanted, a new cuddly stuffed animal. But dogs aren't my favorite. I like them, sure, but not overly like I do the one's previously mentioned. Now C, she loves doggies. She craps everytime she sees one. But me, I'm not a dog person. It is cute, but 60% of that is in it's so soft.

I don't mean to be a bitch about this thing, but I was actually kinda disappointed with it. I was thinking that the bag with the doggie hanging out of it was a gift for a smaller child. I thought that if she bought me a stuffed critter it would be something that, you know, I like. I took to him right away, you know, didn't just throw him back in the bag. He is very lovely to the touch, but I just thought C would know me better than to get me a stuffed dog that's really hardly cuddly. I mean, his legs are the cuddliest part and it's hard to cuddle with four parts at once.

Of all people, I thought she would really nail down what I wanted for Christmas. I nailed hers on the nose with two of the top things on her list [unfortunately, so did her mom]. She said she almost got me the horse but she thought it would be too big and had the feeling my mom didn't want a big ass stuffed animal in my room. I told my mom that and she said that's just ridiculous. I almost felt like saying "Why didn't you get the horse?!"

I don't mean to be an asshole. C, thank you so much for my gift, your thoughts were well, but I don't know... I just thought you'd know me better.

Last year for my birthday my former best friend [also first girl crush] got me some random book on what cats teach us [how butch does she think I am?] and a rocking horse that has no purpose at all really. It was a wierd gift. I didn't really know what to do with it. I guess she figured, well, you like cats you like horses, you'll eat this shit up.
This probably makes me sound materialistic, because really, I appreciate the gifts. Their hearts were in the right place and I do cuddle with my small stuffed dog.

I've been put in a weird mood tonight, do excuse it.

Just, I don't know. Why not the horse?


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I'm materialistic about

I'm materialistic about Christmas. I get (internally, of course) bitchy when I've put a lot of thought and cash and time into a lovely gift and I've wrapped it just so with a handmade card and get thoughtless crap in return. I'm shallow. I like pretty things. Hopefully I'll stop with the immaturity someday, but more likely... not.