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Hey!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

This is my first time on in...a looong time. i miss coming on and reading everyone's journals and making my own entries. has everyone been? i miss you all!!!! Been real busy...keeping up with school, getting ready for college, & working 2 jobs. but it's all good hehe.

For an update on relationships here lol. don't think i got the time to handle another commitment, i don't want the whole "you're not spending enough time with me" kind of crap. sorry girls but it's irritating. nagging doesn't get you anywhere :) Yeah. hehe i'm kind of grouchy. not enough sleep. don't mind me. I wish that i can find someone though ya know?/? it gets lonely...but working and school takes my mind off of it until i see couples around work and stuff. Oh yeah. btw i work at Jamba Juice (for those that don't know what it is...its a smoothie place) & at Toys R Us. they're pretty new people and have new experiences.

Damn. uhm. i'll be back on soon. gotta go to work soon. take cares :)


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hey, hey!

Hawaii girl! Great to see you back! :-))