Of Cooties, Jealousy, and Cookies.

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I'm dating this girl named Jackie. I like her, and my feelings are growing. We were dating off and on for two weeks and had a 1 1/2 week break and then we started dating again.

I get so jealous because she talks about other girls AND guys all the time, and doesn't show me much affection. And when we're in public she pays more attention to everyone that's not me. I hate it.

And she's always grounded, everytime I call her mom says she's grounded from the phone...
And whenever someone asks me who I'm dating and I tell them, they're like, "Ewww, that's gross!" But I don't really see anything wrong with her... except she can't seem to make up her mind. But I don't find that gross, I find it frustrating, and confusing..... And then there's the lying... like, "Oh, I'm pregnant" and stuff. I believed her until I was told by numerous people that she had said that before...ehhh.

And she couldn't come to the holiday semi formal with me because she had surgery this wek to get her appendix removed... and I'm just worried that she doesn't really care about me or wana be with me.

I'm worried she wants someone else more than me. She talks about other people all the time right in front of me... Does she ever talk about me?



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honey, i say this with your

honey, i say this with your heart in mind....

get the fuck out of that relationship. she seems to have commitment, honesty, and trust issues....this is only going to drive you crazy and hurt you...

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!