oh baby baby

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Im currently with child...
As apart of my parenting class everyone has to take home this electronic baby. i have a girl baby. The english parenting classes (cuz we're an immersion school) have censor ones where there are censor spots and you hold your wrist band over it and it chimes then you have to feed it, burp it, rock it or change it. It varies from time to time what you have to do. You have to do it until it coos. You have two minutes to make it chime and 2 minutes to get the right thing you have to do.
I'm thinking of the name Tamar Peyton Armstrong.
Any suggestions? I want something unique last name has to be armstrong.
It's african american, i'd like to find some really hott chick to pretend that like my wife had it..... i need names of hott african american chicks.......


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Amusing typo had me all confused there.

I think you mean "sensor." :-)


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Yes.. sorry im

Yes.. sorry im tired...
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awww... fake babies = cute (and a lil creepy... at least the ones at my hiskewl were) i bet u will be a great mommy tho! : )
the hottest african-american chick right now is Miss *Alicia Keys* (technically, she's half-black half-white, i believe)... Not only is she extremely talented and beautiful, but she has always really reminded me of my teacher-lady who i used to have a total crush on... but hotter. anyway, have u seen Alicia's latest video for "No One"??? Good GOD! DROOL... when i saw it for the first time, i seriously felt warm and tingly inside (i usually only feel that way when watching PORN, so this is really saying something)... she looked cute back in the day with cornrows, but now with her amazing hair down and her awesome outifts and her fucking sexy voice and body and eyes and lips... she is a fucking goddess!
(Amanda has a theory that Alicia is a full-out lez... i say she's bi... who knows?)

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im surprised you didn't

im surprised you didn't comment on the name... but yes i am an amazing mommy.
Mmmm alicia keys...
or the girl who plays Tasha on the L word mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
~~~Fear is only a verb if you let it be.. don't you dare let go of my hand~~~

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p.s. the name is adorable... :P

well, "Tasha" is very pretty and smart and cool...
but in terms of pure hotness, i think Alicia clearly kicks her ass. That smokey voice combined with her physical beauty... rrRAWR! :P

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unique names i can do that, im all about off names, here ill trow some girl names at you:
Valintime or tine

how are those?

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I had one of those in

I had one of those in october...the Baby Think It Over babies... mine was well behaved...but when it went off at 3 am and i was at my girlfriends, I was not happy. Have fun with that...Take it somewhere and watch people stare at you...

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