Oh, The Joy of Humility

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School is kicking my butt..... It really is. At least I did well on my Chemistry test. But Spanish.... it was a two part test. The shorter, easier one, I aced. But the longer, harder one that was worth more points, I failed. As in "F" not fun.... I haven't told my parents because then they won't let me go the the Tegan and Sara concert on Thursday, that we already have tickets for. And there was an English project due today that I didn't finish. and I forgot to send myself an updated version of it... And it's at my mom's house so I can't get it. Oh the joys of divorced parents. Geometry is going pretty well. I think I did fine on the unit test. Kind of maybe sorta.... I hate school. I was thinking today that I love learning, but I'm not very good at playing the game of school. It takes a certain type of person to play by the rules and still win. I have a hard time even learning the rules.

Oh, and we have my dad's non-profit people over for dinner.
They're broke and trying to see what they can do next. So they're just meeting as a big group and talking about what they can do. The founder, Michael is pretty desperate. He came all the way from Panama because he couldn't do anything there and needed help. Major help. Help. Major help.
And his sister, who lives in San Francisco, is here also to discuss their future.

Ooh! One last thing. The GSA networks' Youth Empowerment Summit is this weekend. I really want to go.... I should ask my mom about that. This always happens. I've known about this for weeks now, and I've wanted to go for weeks, but I still haven't asked.

I should probabay start my homework now. There's always way too much...


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: (

Aw im sorry, but u no what?Thats what u get for taking such hard classes, u should do what i do-keep in mind tho i have memory issues and so my school work sucks and it takes me awhile to learn stuff-take a study skills class,or whatever you would call it down there. Its where u get a whole a period to just work on homework and get help with it, u should talk to ur parents about that. My parents no im bad at math and stuff so there pretty linent on my grades esp my mom.

Save the rainforest and hug a tree! XD whatd u cook and hows it going?Are they boring?

Whats that??