One Day More

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I just got a call from school (automated of course) that there was a graffiti bomb threat at the other high school in my district. Alas, I still have school tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the last day of school before Christmas break. Which is technically winter break but we all know it's Christmas break. I'm going to The Drowsy Chaperone because it closes at the end of the month and Forbidden Broadway on Sunday. January 5th I see Spring Awakening...for the sixth time. Second time on stage. Yaaay.

I stayed home from school today for no reason. My mom just kind of decided to keep me home. I had a bad night.

So last night was my winter concert. I'm in the Chorale which is the seniors and select 10th and 11th graders. We are the good chorus. The bad chorus is the Mixed Chorus, freshman and the other sucky 10th and 11th graders. It used to be the Freshman Chorus and Concert Choir. She (the choir director) changed it this year.

The Concert Choir always wore robes so both choir's wore robes. After the concert the Mixed Chorus, who had never worn the robes before, threw the robes on the racks, unzipped, stohls not on the hanger, and out of numerical order. I WAS LIVID. So I stay after to help clean up the mess and my father gets all pissy because he's tired and wants to go home so he leaves in the f-ing car so I have to walk home with my mom, without a coat, sick, wearing summer clothes (it's very hot what with the lights and robes and all) and with a bad knee.

I was so incredibly mad last night. It was supposed to be a really nice, happy night. I just sang, it went very well but no. It had to end pissy. Argh.

Parade rehearsals are going well though. Yay for that.