Oops... (I'm a little ashamed.)

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So... yeah, I have a girlfriend. I like her way more than seems possible. Old news!

The problem is... well, this part isn't a problem--we're really close. It's strange, like the normal progression of a relationship has been accelerated (a lot) with us. We're so damn codependent already! Though this might be true of all lesbian relationships. There is that.

The real problem is that... uh... (Damn, I'm shy. This is the internet. It's anonymous. What the hell!) well, we had sex. Aaaand that's not the actual problem either. Ah, I'm so paranoid my parents will find this!

Anyways, I totally got caught up in the moment, and while I'm pretty sure she's clean, I don't know for sure. How do you bring up something awkward like STD status with somebody? Even though she's my girlfriend. I am so, so bad at talking about sex.

It's not like we have to worry about pregnancy. Thank god.


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Just say that you want to

Just say that you want to make sure all was safe about your interaction and just ask. Easier said than done maybe, but give it a shot.

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It may be uncomfortable to

It may be uncomfortable to talk about, but it's better than getting one. Good luck!
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Slip her a condom with a

Slip her a condom with a note scribbled on the back: should we have used this? xD Seriously though, if it's something you need to know... just ask. Bluntness can be good.

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