really, again?

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I know I'm not up to date on this site. A lot of detail about my life is left out. Like how my mom was in the hospital again just two weeks ago after her visit a month before that. She has low immune system so whenever she breaks out in fever she has to go where she can fight it, because she can't do it on her own.

Well, it's been over a week without a fever. But tonight seems to be breaking that. She's got a 101 fever, and she feels terrible. She's rocking back and forth and moaning and she just looks weak and helpless. She doesn't talk to me when she gets like this, she just makes noises and doesn't answer me when I talk.

And what the hell. She hasn't gotten her lab results so we can take them to S's dad so he can help us with testing at USC. [Jesus CHRIST I hate it when I ask her a question, trying to help, and she doesn't fucking respond!]. Seriously, she needs help. Goddamnit. She doesn't do the shit to get the help. USC might solve some problems. They're far more advanced than the local hospital. The most they do is temporarily cure her.

I'm just... upset. She's upset. This is a never ending fucking loop


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Oh god you poor thing. I'm

Oh god you poor thing. I'm so sorry to hear your mum's still ill.
It must be really frightening for you. Are you ok?
I mean we're always here if you need to let off steam.

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Yeah, I'm alright. Thank

Yeah, I'm alright. Thank you. She's lucky enough to have avoided the hospital this time, unless her temperature hits 102 again. Thanks for the support =]

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wow, I hope

things get better for both of you. I'm sure it's scary as hell, so like
Lol-taire said, we're here to listen. Take care.

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*huggles* i know it's not

*huggles* i know it's not much help, but i know how you feel. i'm here to lend an ear if you ever need someone to rant to...

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!

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Thank you for the support.

Thank you for the support. Always good to know someone has been in your shoes, you know? Hence why all of us belong to this sight.

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I hope she gets better soon!

I hope she gets better soon! It must be really awful to have to go through that, but I'm sure you both will be fine. *hugs*

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