Roller Coaster

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So far this weekend has kinda sad, depressing, happy overal and emotional roller coaster ride.
My mom's friend/family friend K had a baby on friday. The baby was healthy and so was mommy.... or soo we thought. K was high risk because after her first child she had gastro or something like that (cuz she was really over weight) and so she had the baby by cecarian. Well on friday night she took a turn for the worse and shit happened and she almost died. Right now she's in ICU and last night she called another one of our family friends and was like "I'm not dead yet". But she could still go back down hill. It's just scary and sad to think we could lose her, especially when she has a new born baby.
We right now im thinking good thoughts because she is doing better then friday night so that is good and i know she's strong.