SAGE meeting...or not

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It's been a countdown of sorts this week. I was on the internet looking for information on schools SAGE (Straights and gays for equality) group and couldn't find any. Almost all the other clubs had links to their own site with info on them but SAGE didn't. Well I eventually googled it and found some info (on a st. louis site about events in STL) about a meeting later during the week with a date and time. The meeting was supposed to be about finding churches and religious institutions near you that are accepting, which was appealing to me seeing as my family is catholic and I squirm in my seat when the priest goes on a rant on homosexuals. So tonight was the night for the meeting and I was both psyched and terrified about it because while it gives me a chance to meet new people it's also a mass outing at the same time and I wasn't sure I was ready for that. I decided to go though and figured I'd get there a little early to get a chance to talk to people...well no one showed up. I waited for an hour and no one showed. It was kind of disheartening.

Well I decided to pick up the new Dane Cook cd on the way home so I guess the trip wasn't a total waste. Does anyone have any advice on finding groups like this one, because this area isn't really my forte. I mean I've heard of sites that list groups for gays by your state or area but have yet to actually see any.


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: <

wow that really bombs,u think at least one person would have showd up. i cant say tho...i dont even no of anything around here,although i wouldnt look because not to many people no about me.well at least u got a CD

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These groups can be a bit insular, and just cancel a meeting amongst themselves, without telling anyone else. Happened when I used to run our college group, and invariably one or two people who didn't attend the previous meeting would show up and no one would be there.

Keep trying...

But hey, at least no one shit on the coats.


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