Second class bank member?

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I went to the bank this morning to buy my parents christmas gift, my siblings and I are giving them a night out and got some money on one of those Visa giftcard (something you have to buy at the bank and in person). Well I got there and was waiting in line like everyone does, waiting for the one teller to take care of me when I noticed something... I got passed up like 4 times. Every time the teller would start to process my transaction she'd notice someone by the window and go to take care of them first. It really started to piss me off, I mean I had already waited a good 10 minutes just to get to the front of the line and now I was having to wait another 15 because some old lady wants to question her bank statement through the drive thru window.

I mean what is it that gives the drive thru users the "cut to the front of the line" privilege? Is it an automatic thing that just because these people come to the drive thru that there time is worth more than mine? I mean I had been there much longer than them and i had my cash out and everything ready to get it done and over with but I kept getting overlooked.

I know this is a small matter but eh its just something that was bugging me


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I think...

One teller is usually assigned to the drive-thru, and when there are no cars, they take care of people in line inside the bank, but their main job is the drive-thru. Depends how many tellers they had in total, of course.


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It's probably what Jeff

It's probably what Jeff said, you got the bad luck of standing on the drive-thru teller's line. Drive-thrus are supposed to be for more pressing matters (even when people uses them because of laziness and not hurry), so that was, perhaps, the reason why you were ignored several times.

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Well this is my small town

Well this is my small town bank and there was only one teller at the time...which now that I think of it is rather unsafe.
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