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omfg! I was telling my sister ( who I thought was more understanding then she actual was) about me going to a guidance teacher over town to talk about the "trans gendered life" .. and more specifically me maybe becoming trans gendered.. or just a chemellion or something.. I really want to just Wrap my chest.. and look more like a guy. anyways my dad overheard us talking about a special guidance teacher but didn't hear anything else?? I think he did.. but I'm not sure.. anyways.. I really hate lying.. but I really couldn't tell my dad this! this is still up in the air.. so I told him that I went with a friend to the guidance teacher today:S But I think he knows I was lying! and then he was like I know something odd is going on lately.. you've been different.. and I was like. umm. nope. im just overwhelmed with school.. which is half true.. but ah!! i don't want my parents to know about this!!! this is soo embarrassing!!!! I'm thinking not going through with this... but if I don't' go through with this.. I'm going to be disappointed.. even though it is really nothing. it's jsut strapping right now, and keeping my options opened.. Man1!! grr! I don't even know what to do! This is something I really wanted to do for at least a month now. And always of keeping that option opened.. but know I'm just learning about it, and it's so cool, and makes me feel right... .


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Oh, B. As long as it feels

Oh, B.
As long as it feels right, and is morally acceptable on some level (and it is, i assure you..) then do whatever you think is best. I'd support you for sure =D
I'm sure most of your friends would, too. Especially if a group is set up at your school. But still, talk to some guidance teachers and make sure it's right first.
Honey, i'm sure you could pull it off.. teh heh. ^^
Don't sweat your parents too much.. they might freak. But that's okay = )
I know my parents have housed some kids who were kicked out for similar reasons.. so if you ever need it, call me =D
But i don't think it would come to that. Your parents seem to have an 'ignore it' method of dealing with it thus far.. i'm sure they can behave themselves : ) Just trust that they will, it should go fine. If not, they'll at least behave until postgrad, no?
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thanks mel :D

thanks mel! I should thank you for all the stuff you helped me through. :D You always know what to say..... even though you helping me throughout grade 9 I had a crush on you!(and the start of grade 10):P HEHEHE You 1 of my bestests buddies! even though we don't get to talk alot anymore:(

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tee hee.

Truuue stuffs, B. I can help anytime ;)
But no flirting this time! ha ha.. my boyfriend wouldn't approve. *shifty*
"Id much rather to be hated for who I am than loved for who Im not."

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How does binding your breasts require a guidance counselor? Seems like all you need is an ACE bandage.

Also, I don't think you become transgender. You sort of are or you aren't. Seems more therapist zone than guidance counselor.

Now, something more made-up like genderqueer, sure, you can decide to become that.


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. .. ..

it's not that I became transgendered.. it's just it kind of just hit me that I am.. deffiniton of transgender: humian that doesn't feel they fit in their body. don't feel like the right sex. And You don't have to become that sex if you don't want to. You can stay in the same body and be transgendered and not get any surgery.

And you know me Mel, I'll try to keep the flirting down :P hahhahah jk jk