Skip the Steak (Short Story)

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In a recent Roling Stone magazine...

Al Gore was interviewed, giving his usual spiel about how there is no time left, we need to act on global warming. In the introductory text, it mentioned that Al Gore was grilling steaks while they were talking, which led me to think, if Mr Green, Mr. Nobel Prize Al Gore isn't willing to connect these dots, we're sort of screwed.

If me being a vegan, not owning a car, having compact flourescent bulbs in my apartment, and on and on... if I'm doing more than Al Gore on a personal level, that's a bad sign. Carbon offsets are a money making, unregulated Ponzi scheme, so if that's his fallback... it's really over, no?


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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Nice, I like it. I think

Nice, I like it. I think toilet paper is one thing that will definitely not be given up, by me anyways! Very amusing take on the whole thing.

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Yeah, it's extremely ironic the man who's supposed to care the most can't even make sense of the whole thing. I think we're pretty screwed. We all know how to make a little difference but we're just all too lazy to even budge.

And, thanks Leu glad you appreciate my stories hehe. But when we're really really desperate, I wonder if our grandchildren will know what toilet paper even is.

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loo roll

We could use live geese. Like Rabelais.

Obviously he was joking... geese are really, really angry birds. You'd have to use a more docile fowl.