Snow DAY!!!!!

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So i got a snow day. I'm so excited! I'm hoping to get done a review *cough**cough* Might have been inspired by the forum topic that and it's been far to long since i go it which isn't right i feel like im stealing.
I also have to work on 5 projects- I finished 2 this weekend so I'm happy about that.
Currently i'm just watching Agent Cody Banks because i'm still in my wakeup mode so i can't function... yet.


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I have one too! And I need

I have one too!

And I need to write a review, too. Dammit.

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I know a couple of people

I know a couple of people who had to shovel a path out of their driveway to get to school, and they only lived about five minutes away. They didn't get to school until lunch. But no, we didn't have a snow day, though I'm pretty sure one was deserved. 3 feet of snow isn't always pretty.

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Not me, damn

Way to go snow dayers!

Agent Cody Banks was good for a whiles, and Frankie looked nice enough to start with... Hilary Duff in there was ick, but also a bit cute. I like when Cody goes to her party hahaha.

Good luck with the other 3 projects, I have 1 BIG essay to finish for Friday, ugh.

You're Amazing.