So, I Did It

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I came out to my parents. I just decided to get it over with Saturday night. I'm bisexual. The end.

Today my mom asked why I had decided to tell them. I told her that I thought they should know and it would either be then or if/when I had a girlfriend. She wanted to make sure I would be monogamous because you know us bi's and the promiscuity! She's very socially aware and she didn't really say anything like "You're bisexual so people will think you can't stay in a relationship with one person," but rather she wanted to make sure I understood that it wasn't true.

I really hate talking about this stuff with my parents. I don't talk to them about it. Even after coming out I don't. We're very open, I just don't like talking about it.

Off to the orthodontist and then rehearsal.


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I get you. My parents are

I get you. My parents are pretty open about things, but I just despise actually talking about it. Either way, they're still trying to straighten me out because they think it's a phase/they're in denial/they just plain don't believe me for another reason. It's gonna be so awkward when I get a girlfriend.

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Hey, it's cool (and kind of

Hey, it's cool (and kind of funny) that your mom thought she had to explain things too you. It shows she cares.

Congrats on coming out!

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Well that sounds like a simple way of doing it, hurrah! And awkwardness for REALSSSSSSS! I think even if I were straight and sexist/macho, I wouldn't want to talk about sexual things with my parents... I'd honestly think that people who WANT to talk about *their* sexual things with parents are a bit off kilter most of the time!

But at least your mom is socially aware!

You're Amazing.

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Congrats! No matter if you

Congrats! No matter if you talk about it freely or not, it's still awesome that you're out to your parents. And straight people prolly don't talk about their sex lives with their parents... It's not necessarily good, but it's not abnormal. It sucks to talk about your sex life with your parents, however you look at it... xD

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