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I haven't talked to her in about 2 weeks now whcih isn't all that weird for us. She's alays really busy and she's apart of the "popular" crowd and i'm not. In general were both just busy and run in different crowds.
Right now im sorry if anything i say doesn't make sense im just exhausted but i need to get this out.
So she's a lesbian/bi / doesn't want to label herself. Right now she's going out with some football plyer.
I'm madly in love with her. And i have been since i first met her. When i see her i just wanna hug her, kiss her, lick her i wanna be with her. But now everytime i see her she's with him and when she is she kinda ignores me a little bit. She came by the lunch table today to tell another friend about hockey and i felt my self ignoring her because she won't give me the time of day or soo it feels. I try and talk to her but it's hard.. neither of us have the time. I know she doesn't have the same feelings for me but argh im just frusterated. I just wanna get rid of these feelings but theres no way. If i tell her that'll make everything worse. I just don't know what to do.................
Theres soo much more i want to say but im just too tired.


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awww, muffin...

come here.

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Honestly i guess theres nothing u can do, i mean u can tell her-and maybe even pray she brakes up with her boyfriend?not like im an expert on anything about guys but football player (the jock type) are all over rated!-or u can try and get over her and find someone better and more worth ur time which probably wont happen considering all u said
would she, could she been thinking of me? all along
and if thats true, would she tell me the truth?
Cause its a long way down when your hopes are high as mountains
and i am worried that im falling for u