Static Cling should be in the laundry department, ONLY.

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I've been hiding for nearly four weeks, I quit that school. The dynamic of a highschool is just too retarded.
Seriously, who cares what brand of pants you're wearing? Clubs don't exist like that in the real world.
Why did I even think to do it?

Now, onto the real issue, the issue is, that boy who I told you about. Who was doing everything right, taking me to cool places. HE was totally setting me up.
Why did I fall for that? Now he is pulling all this bullshit on how he misses me, I have exactly 90 missed calls from him.

I don't think I can see myself ever being with a guy again, aside from my two year boyfriend. I knew it'd happen eventually, I don't think I'll say anything about it. But I'm not going to date another guy. They don't make me feel comfortable, and they don't turn me on. Not that all I want is sex. But it was all -he- wanted, and so I put my foot down.

I strangely miss Ruthie, and the amazing times we had together. She professed a love for me, and while I love Arlo deeply. I don't know if I could ever comfortably pick that up again. We'll see.

I wish I had got my shit together to get that information to Ruthie in time. But she's gone, and doesn't answer her phone.

Arlo seemed Clingy to me, at some points, but he doesn't even COMPARE to how clingy this kid was.

I also came to a mutual agreement with my best friend Theo, that we both considered eachother best friends. Despite the fact that he lives in Iceland. God I love that kid.

I'd post some IM conversations about how crazy I am right now, and how homesick I am. But that'd make me more depressed I think.