STRESS (I am NOT a stressed person)

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Okay, I know I've already written about finals, but I just realized that I REALLY REALLY need to study for my math final. Stupid, stupid, stupid me for taking Geometry Honors. Well, it's actually fun, sometimes.

And I also have to study for my history final. I got the worst grade I have ever gotten on a history test (okay, not counting the D- on the Africa test in sixth grade). I got a B-. I was so mad at myself and at my teacher. History is one of my better subjects. It's so easy for me. But a lot of the questions were very confusing and phrased terribly. Yeah, typical of me, blaming other people for my misfortune. Oh well. It makes me feel better. but at least I got an A- on my oral Spanish test. I've never taken a Spanish class before, but I used to be fluent. I'm only now getting used to going by the textbook.

On a different, but stress-related note, I've been craving chocolate. A lot. So much that I've reverted to eating Hershey's. Grooooossss. But at least it has some cocoa (theoretically).

I have to go study. Aaaack! I HATE this. Thank god it'll be over by Friday.


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Your such a workaholic-like Joann from RENT just relax, sides a B- isnt bad i get Ds or lower and my parents dont care as long as they no i try. o and dont worry everyone does that, when in doubt blame somone else XD
would she, could she been thinking of me? all along
and if thats true, would she tell me the truth?
Cause its a long way down when your hopes are high as mountains
and i am worried that im falling for u

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Hmm, similarities abound!

Your post sounds like something someone might write relating characteristics of me! Except no geometry honours... unless I fall in love with triangles and protractors prior to/during university. And I don't blame anyone for my problems. Except you and your mother.


Studying can be a booooore, it's TERRIFIC when you're in the *mood* to study though, isn't it? And then waking up the next day and knowing that you studied and it stuck!

I hate badly phrased questions with a passion! If it makes you feel better, my second to last voyage through History (which I did enjoy!) had my teacher incorrectly calculate my exam mark, and the exam is worth 20% (this is gr. 11 History for reference). Well, I should've gotten a 94% (I know!) but she put down 76% (I know!).

I didn't go to exam return day because I was away at the time, but looking at it several months later, I saw the mistake and realized my whole mark was set to go up at least 2%! Anyway, she fixed it up when I showed her and all was good, if I hadn't noticed, I would've been deprived though! That was a great lesson for me to ALWAYS check my gradings extra closely though, without exception for exams and tests of high value.

Have a fun day, go eat some chocolate!

You're Amazing.

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If you have to study like mad for the final, it just means you haven't been studying up until now, no? I mean, this shouldn't be all new information, just the stuff you've been learning all fall.


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