tegan and sara and happy happy joy joy

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I'm going to the Tegan and Sara concert tonight in Berkley. It's going to be amazing....

Also, I finished my homework before 6 tonight. I'm astounded at myself. This is a real breakthrough. Or maybe it's just that I'm excited for tonight and I don't want anything to get in the way of that.

Oooh. And I had to get to school an hour early today to rehearse for our Sunday choir concert. It was cold this morning. But at least I had my favorite scarf and matching hat. But, because it was Thursday, we had choir for and hour and a half first period. So we sang two and half hours in a row. Well, some of it was logistics, but we still sang a lot. Now I have to go memorize the words to a song called 'tis the season, which is a mix between two other songs, neither of which is "'tis the season to be jolly."
It has a very confuzzling alto line that jumps all over the place (Word and sond part wise, not notes....) But all in all, it's okay.

Eeeek. I love Tegan and Sara.....


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ur so lucky, i wanna go with u!!!And HA u think ur songs r hard???Try learning...Jinglebells in FRENCH!and in the song it doesnt even say jinglebells.

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Jinglebells in FRENCH? Holy

Jinglebells in FRENCH? Holy crap, that's strange. o.O

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Oooh that's so exciting! I

Oooh that's so exciting! I have a friend who went to a T&S concert, said it was great.

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:: fun stuffs ::

lucky you. teagan and sara should be fun.

they're comming to scotland next year which is pretty exciting for us.
unfotunately every single lesbian in the UK will be there which includes ex-girlfriends.
needless to say i'm not going.

have a good time :)


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Lucky! I really want to go

Lucky! I really want to go to a show but they don't have any plans to go to Vermont. Hope you have a great time!
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They're in canada. One of

They're in canada. One of them lives in Montreal, which isn't that far away....Kinda.
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