That Was Unexpected

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Today I felt sorry for a teacher.

A substitute one, that is.

I thought I would end up hating her ("Greg", my classmates had told me, "you're gonna loooove this teacher). Urg. Ominous.

You see, she's that smiley, slightly aged, blonde kind. You know. The one with the absurdly happy voice, that strides in with a bounce; the one that thinks that "you're all awesome". But I don't think this one was faking it; I really think she's like that. Seriously

One thing about our classroom: despite all appearances, it has a very highly evolved sense of irony.
Really. Nobody could stop laughing. There wasn't even anything truly funny, or embarassing, all she was really doing was being there. And here's why I think her personality's a genuine one: we were all giggling our asses off, and for the life of her, she could not figure out why.

Tragic, really.


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my english teacher's like

my english teacher's like that, but....she's one of those hidden cynics who really gets irony, just pretends to be all happy and bouncy...

i alternately love her and hate her....

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!

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see that would just annoy me...then again i get annoyied ez, idk none of my teaches r to happy like that but then again i hate subs. They could be the nices pll in the world and ill hate them (only as a sub tho) because they have no idea what there doing there and r suspost to follow sum lame teachers garbled message that they NEVER get rite. so i hate them all!
would she, could she been thinking of me? all along
and if thats true, would she tell me the truth?
Cause its a long way down when your hopes are high as mountains
and i am worried that im falling for u

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Welcome to the world! That's awesome that you felt sorry for her, or realize you did and realize how odd that is... and then realize the implications of it! It's a lot easier to complain about something without considering others, than to realize: Hey, this person may have an abusive home life. Hey, this person may not care. Hey, this person may have just had a bad day. Hey, this person is really happy, so I should forget about complaining, and be nice to them.

There is so much that teachers especially put up with, WITHOUT complaint, or without actually taking it out on kids. There are a lot of good teachers out there, either in their own minds or in the minds of many more. Subs seem useless sometimes, but the fact is that someone wanted to come sub for a reason... was it for money, something to do, pedophilic-style attractions, fun, or because they like helping youth? Or none of those?

Oh well, poor sub! Hopefully she didn't go home and cut herself to pieces. Haha. Loooooove being a sarcastic gay boy.

You're Amazing.