The worst thing ever: she isnt interested now

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What happened?? I thought she was interested in me? Last year she was very very obvious!! She was doing things that a staright girl wouldnt do, and my friends even confirmed that she was kindda into me.

We went to a party last night, and that was the second time we saw each other this year, and when we talked, i think she doesnt take interest in me anymore. she has this guy who is kindda courting her now. actually, there are lotsa guys who wants and wanted to court her, but she really really likes this guy. While she was telling me about this guy, i felt really downhearted!!! All the while she was talking about him, I was wishing and imagining it was me who she talks about and giggles about. but no.

We were supposed to have a date hours beofre the party last night, but she told me an hour before our date that she couldnt come because there was an unforeseen circumstance. i told her it's okay cuz i was shopping and i was having fun shopping. but i couldnt deny that i was sad when she told me that.

this is all my fault. last year, i knew that she really really liked me but i didnt give her the slightest hint that i like her too. now i want her badly, she isnt interested now. it sucks man, big time. i cant tell her how i feel because i think that'll only make it worse. i like it when we talk, because her eyes look different whenever we talk, it's like we're separated from the rest of the world, and it's like we've got all the time in the world in our hands to do all we want to do.but the thing is, we werent able to talk that much last night because i was busy emceeing and hosting the party and she left early and i was disappointed at her for turning me down on our date, so i didnt really give her a good goodbye at all. she texted me the moment she left, and she told me that she was happy because we met again and she thanked me for organizng the party. i texted her back and i was like "you left early!!!! it wasnt a slice of heaven for you, it was just a pinch!!! well, i was glad because a lot came, and you're one of them."

oh so so stupid.


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A poet's take on the situation

I think that it is not your fault. She may have been questioning or even toying with the idea of homosexuality.
"Love lost;
such a cost;
But was it really love?
or a lesson from above?"