there are some things i wish to say

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i wrote this a few days after my girlfriend broke up with me. i felt regret so strong i couldn't find words to express it (until i wrote this), because i had never told her how much i love her. i guess i'm small with words and we were just too young and tender for it all. she broke up with me because she has too many emotional issues right now to handle a relationship. i thought if i had just told her how much i love her she would've never ended it. anyways, without further introduction:

there are some things i wish to say
i never had the time while you were mine
rather i smiled at each new day
letting it seep into silence and time

and now i'm ready
and expect no reply
my heart, 'tis heavy
for, my love, you've passed me by

you said there were no more seeds to sow
i had changed and you grew
but, my darling, you should know