They saw us!

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OMFG!i cant stop laughing!
I met S yesterday...we both went to have ice cream was hell loadsa fun! it was already late by the time we were heading home. we stood in some parking lot,both of us cold but not numb.we hugged onto our jumpers tight...she looked so beautiful in the light of the moon...i wanted her so badly!i knew she wanted it too..she bit her lower lip and looked at me innocently.her hands reached out and crept into my jumper...thats it.i cudnt take it anymore.we dint really care who was around...we got it on!
but what happened next was,gosh! we were kissing and all of a sudden,we heard someone honk.we both jumped apart,just to see a car filled with teenage boys ogling at us.they had their heads stuck outta the car window and one of them yelled "hey!not gud!not gud!".And they took a circle around us.some other guy yelled "what you gurls doing...we boys are there for you!"
IMAGINE OUR CONDITION! we dint know what to do!thankfully,they zoomed away.but how embarrassing!oh goddd!!
i looked at S and we burst out laughing!after that,we just cudnt stop laughing!we almost fell down holding each tummy was hurting!it was one of those moments where your laughing so much and so hard that you forget at one point why are you laughing in the 1st place!
it felt so nice...just to be there with that moment....*sigh*
and we are meeting tmrw again...with all our friends,chirstmas eve partyyyyyy..yipppeeee!im so excited=D


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awww that's

awww that's cute!
I travel 'round the block
And I'm not looking to my right
I feel the glass against my cheek
And I can't see you in the light
I break my heart around this

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Thats awsum...merry

Thats awsum...merry christmas to u XD
would she, could she been thinking of me? all along
and if thats true, would she tell me the truth?
Cause its a long way down when your hopes are high as mountains
and i am worried that im falling for u