Thoughts on reviews?

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So, in 2008, we need to figure out some way to manage reviews, since well... the window between me sending stuff and reviews coming in seems to get longer and longer as we go...

There are books I sent out to be reviewed as hardcovers, which are now out in paperback, and there's still no review to speak of...

It's not that I'm concerned about it, but if we don't generate reviews when we get stuff, they will stop sending stuff, which is understandable.

I'm not really looking for a bunch of "I don't have time" replies, etc., mainly just need thoughts on what sort of system would work, because this one is seemingly broken.


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I don't really have anything

I don't really have anything productive to say, but I totally agree. We need more reviews, people!

...Maybe if we all get together and pelt them endlessly with irritating reminder messages until they send them in? I hear peer pressure has a great success rate.

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I suppose you could send out

I suppose you could send out the things to be revieved in smaller batches(so you're only waiting for one or two reviews at a time and it's easier to chase up) and then make it policy no new things are sent out until the pending reviews are sent in. Then the people who haven't given the promised review know they're letting down others on the site if they don't hurry up.

And you should also set a deadline for the review to be in by- say a fortnight after recieving the item- because even though there's a limited ammount you can do to enforce it people work better to a deadline.

And just pester them individually for the reviews once the deadline is passed.

Or of course you should just let me review absolutely everything. Blah blah blah blah. Let me do it. I never know when to shut up.

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I agree that putting out a

I agree that putting out a deadline is a good idea--but there's really not much that can be done beyond that, is there?
The importance of following through with that kind of commitments can be stressed, but when there aren't any actual repercussions people are more apt to become lazy.

I mean, we can't go out and hunt the lazy reviewers down, and we can't hire one of those collection agencies to call them at all hours until they eventually start to go insane and write something...I'm not sure what options are left.

But, seriously, if you don't have time to read a book and write up a review or watch a film, etc. why are you volunteering to do it in the first place?

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*Turns head away in shameful

*Turns head away in shameful manner* I think a deadline is important like from when they get it until the review But to enforce their review there may not be a way to do anything other then limit what that person is able to do on oasis like not allowed to make a forum topic or comment on forum topics... i don't know something along that lines.
Maybe youll get some handed in now that it's the holiday season-- have a couple weeks off. But i know further on in 08 and stuff those are the only ideas i have.
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