To Keep the Birds Away

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[I personally don't think it's fair that I'm still in love with an asshole who won't even be a man and talk to me.]

i see you as a scarecrow,
hands wooden and empty,
standing with unblinking button-eyes
over a field of roses.
no birds will be roosting this day
under your cold, uncompromising watch.

your shadow is long, scarecrow,
in the silent heat of noon—
it is bigger than you,
and most certainly bigger than me.
it is big enough to frighten
everyone away.
but all that time ago
you didn’t know
that it wasn't big enough
to scare me,
and when you saw this,
you realized for the first time
that it really scared you, too.

and on you watched
over your field of roses,
button-eyes never blinking,
wooden hands never twitching,
and straw heart never beating.
if only i could get
close enough to hear
just one thump,
to see
just one bird…