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Yesterday I saw her.
She was pretty.
Just like the baby picture Myke has of me,
just.... More 3d.

Except my eyes were greener,
Kates, a mixture of blue and gray.
I have green.
And her hose tips up a tiny tiny bit,
so it's barely noticable.

Her hands reach for everything they see,
she laughs, and gigles,
and smiles
like theres nothing bad in the world,
and the only thing she has to worry about
is getting her bottle the mom ent she wakes up.
But I usually am up before she is, and have her bottle ready and waiting.

Armed with the baba
Corny mumbles when he is woken up from her screaming.
Myke can just turn over, and trust
I'll take care of her.
Because he's back asleep
the moment the pillow is over her head.

HOw Corny can hear her,
she screams realy loud.
He told me that he could hear me,
when I sued to wake up screaming at night.
I guess it's high pitches
he can hear.

But I find it funny,
hearing us.
Me and Kate laugh together,
play together,
look alike.
But out thoughts are far from together.

she must think about bottles,
and pooping.
But does she think about
mental problems?
And how food's
going to be bought?

I don't think so.

But she's real,
all her thoughts are too.
Her little chubby hands are so warm when she grabs my
pinky finger.

She's leanred to be careful of my long nails by now.
Accidentally scratching herself on one last night.