Wht is WRONG wit me??!

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argh!i created another mess for myself!not a big surprise,cuz this is what i always do.im known for it in my friends circle.sheesh.i suck.
why cant boys understand HARMLESS FLIRTING??! there i was,sitting on a bench near a pond,with this guy who is in my extended family(he is my sister in laws cousin).we both are actually great friends...he is 17 and is a senior too. now i duno if the weather,the setting,or what played a trick on us,but we both started flirting with each other. i had no serious intentions at all.i always thought he was this cool guy and wouldnt take me seriously,but god,he DID!he msgs me later in the night(once home),saying "i really liked it over dere...near the pond..."
i reply "yes,i noe..it was so cool...wud love to go over there again"
he replies "over dere/over dere with me?"
Now i duno wht got into me,i have seriously,completely ans totally lost it.cuz i replied "over dere with u..."
SEE?SEE?see the mess i created??!and now,he thinks i have this THING for him,when i SO dont!and whts worse,we will be meeting 2dey at some dinner party...and he msgd me saying he wants us to go and sit near the swimming pool(which in the building where the dinner is taking place).
cuz its apparently very "cool and romantic".
Im just gonna call in sick.
Best thing i can do.


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He hasn't proposed marriage,

He hasn't proposed marriage, he's just continuing the flirting from earlier.
I think you might have a bit of trouble understanding harmless flirting back.

The way people work out the difference between casual flirting and flirting with intent is they carry on the flirting and up the flirting stakes. He's just establishing where he stands and if he stands nowhere near you, you have to let him know this.
I don't mean you rush up to him and tell him you're not interested, I just mean you stop the flirting. And don't go off by yourselves together (because in this context that would be leading him on).

So the best thing you can do is untwist your knickers and stop flirting if you don't want him to reciprocate.

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The poet's understanding

well... that is interesting... er... what gender are you? that would clear things up a bit for me... but still I agree will Lol-taire. just go with the flow and break it to him gently.

poem of the thread
"he thinks I love him but it isn't true,
I don't want to break him I don't know what to do"

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Aaww!thnx for the help

Aaww!thnx for the help Lol-taire and WantsOut!I completely appreciate it:) Im gonna do what you guys have told me to do.im just gonna stop flirting.hopefully,he should get the idea.and WantsOut,im a 16 year old bi girl! :D