Winter Blues

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I think I may be getting the winter blues or i'm just becoming depressed in general. Nothing seems to make me happy. Not even the thought of Christmas- presents, giving, wrapping, eating etc. Is getting me excited. I don't want to do anything. Anything i do that would normally make me happy- baking, reading, fun stuff at night, talking to friends, watching movies, etc isn't making me happy. I just want to sleep from now till forever. I'm tired and no amount of sleep has been helping. I just feel blah!
I've been told that eating healthy foods and walking and excercising can help but that doesn't seem to be working.
Any suggestions?????


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Go outside and get sunshine,

Go outside and get sunshine, even though it's cold. Winter blues are usually caused by vitamin D deficiency. Our skin makes it in reaction to sunlight, and if you don't get it you're more prone to depression. It's all science.

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