World AIDS Day

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So yea. Happy World AIDS Day everyone. Totally check out for some info about AIDS and other stuff. Cool beans there.

Nothing too new. I just added a bunch of movies that were reviewed here to my Netflix queue. Looking forward to watching them all. Fun little gay film festival of my own.

I'm definitely bored. I should be babysitting soon. Speech and Debate is sold out and that makes me sad. Firstly because Gideon Glick is in it and he has very pretty eyes and secondly because it's supposed to be a very good show and thirdly because tix are only $20 which I can afford.

I also can't get 3 on-stage seats for Spring Awakening. I can't get 2. Or 1. Bah!

I think I'm done with my holiday/birthdays-that-fall-around-the-holidays shopping. has really awesome, random shit. Flip-flop socks! How cool! They're socks that kind of resemble mittens so you can wear them with flip flops. Score for my holiday shopping.


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Happy AIDS Day

I didn't recall who Gideon Glick was, so I looked him up; well he's cute! The eyes aren't *that* pretty though, although they look like the sort of brown eyes that would look amazing in the right light (i.e. not black and white pic, not fluorescent light, not sunlight, not darkness of night!) haha.

I'm going to check out that uncommongoods website since it has a good name and you recommended it! Hope your babysitting went well, settle for non on-stage seats for that show and show up really early and sneak backstage!

You're Amazing.

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I know what you mean about

I know what you mean about his eyes. They are much prettier in person.

A lot of the uncommongoods stuff is really expensive but you can search for stuff under $25 dollars and all that stuff is awesome.

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OK there is some lovely stuff on that site!

Too bad the Canadian shipping fee is increased, grr! Some of the items are priced way too high though... but definitely some cute items!

You're Amazing.