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I haven't posted in forever, but I just felt like saying I have the most awesome-y hat ever that I found on South st that was sold to me by some guy that barely speaks english, but seems like a dandy fellow anyway.
It's fleece-lined and knitted with ear flappies not to mention it's rainbow...
Which brings me to another point. I love that aisle in Wal-mart with all the towels. You totally know the one... with all the towels arranged in rainbow order... Towels always seemed more appealing at Wal-mart and my friend pointed out they were arranged by color. She thinks I'm a big gay dyke, I'm sure of it. :(
But it really is a nice aisle...
If you haven't, you should go visit it... Seriously.


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tehe u'r cute you little towel eating ferret, i think i'll call you towelboy

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I'd prefer girl, but

I'd prefer girl, but whatever it's all the same to me! :p

I know there's "black sheep," but what about rainbow ones?