1 Year!

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Geuss what today is...!!!!!!!!
It's my one year Oasis anniversary!!! Isn't that exciting! Lol one year... it's seems sooo long ago.
I just read over my first few journal entry's and i noticed a few things.
Unlike many other members (not saying this is bad or good) I didn't do an introductory Journal. Like saying I'm new here, this is my first journal etc. type thing.
I also noticed how much i've grown and changed. Back then i was obsessed with coming out to my mother and i was petrified of my mother finding out i was queer. I've actually never told her "MOM I"M Queer" but i asked to go to a gay camp and we've had many conversations with my sister around never really just the two of us about stuff. Nothing to serious but still. I DID IT! Finally i told her!
I also noticed how horrible my spelling is! That is horrible I had soo much trouble reading some of those posts. It may just be bad typing and a little bit of bad spelling.
Well right now i should really be working on a project so I'll finish this some other time!


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Congrats! Happy anniversary!

Congrats! Happy anniversary! (Gaynow pops the champagne. All of the Oasis girls proceed to get drunk and have that crazy orgy party at Ruby's house that we've always been discussing.) ^^

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i would love to host the girls' super-orgy-porno-party! we have sooo many couches and beds in my house... and a comfy lawn-chair in the backyard.
the only better place i could think of to have the party would be a house where there is a jacuzzi... girls + immersion in hot water = mmm...

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we could rent like a hot

we could rent like a hot tub... mmmmmmmmmmmm orgy!
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Woo hoo! Congrats, that is a

Woo hoo! Congrats, that is a long time anywhere.

There is a VERY large jacuzzi with a very nice view in my house, but, unfortunately, a girl's orgy isn't exactly my idea of something pleasurable.

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Wow u guys r all crazy!And

Wow u guys r all crazy!And pleaz tell me ur not those really annoying pll that will say "WERE NOT GUYS WERE GIRLS!" i so hate when pll do that!
Anyway yes yes yes concrats. and thats ok have u seen MY spelling?its awful!
So go on
And sleep darlin
Why don’t you pretend we were just a dream
It’s cool baby
It doesn’t matter anyway
Well I’m so sorry
We got to the station a little too late
Such a shame
We just missed the tr

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Can I come?

Yeah I would come even though an all girl orgy isn't my thing. Happy 1 year anniversary! What is the traditional 1 year anniversary gift? I think that 25 year is gold?