(8)somebody wants you...somebody needs you(8) =D

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ok...she's not a bad person,u noe.so yea,i had horrible days cuz of her...but she actually tries VERY hard to understand me.i come across as this complicated,messed up,confused girl.funny thing is,she comes across as the same!actually,im more on the emo side...she's impulsive,crazy,dont-give-a-damn kinda chick.something I dont understand. so we both dont understand each other.i dunt think we ever will. but we are still shit crzy about each other. you noe after all that crap last week? i called and told her about it.she was shocked..she really had NO CLUE what all she was putting me through.she apologized and promised she would never put me through such shit ever again.she probably dint know i was THIS sensitive.since then,shes been ultra nice to me.she calls 2-3 times a day,unlike earlier times,when each of us used to wait for the other to call.but now she doesnt care,she just calls whenever she feels like.our examz are going on,we have decided that the last day of exam(29th),i wil go wit her to her place,and make love like theres no tmrw:) its a day dedicated to US.
im kinda letting go of the grudges too...da wall i build around myself?its all melting away...
cuz last night(our usual late night calls)she told me,"i know its hard for you to open up again n let go,but trust me,plz trust me,i will never ever hurt u again."
and i smiled.cuz i WANT to trust her,and im on my process...
together,we put each other to sleep...singing *somebody's me* by enrique(dats our song:D)