a drive by sort of visit.

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so its 2:48 am. i jus got home from a lil drive practically around the island. at work everyone wanted to party, so it ended up where we're all going to brits house to play wii and get drunk. but then we all decided to jus all jump in kori's car and go "ghost" hunting, which ended up in us goin down creepy dark roads and telling stories. also making plans to go do it again but more planned out and at other places.

i also got to semi visit my mom today. we jus drove by the cemetary and i said a lil hello prayer. it was nice. so i met my new coworker today and he seems really nice and cool...a lil slow tho. anyways we found out that he and his gf broke up cause his gf ended up cheating/hooking up with a girl. i felt sad for him. that must really suck. & also my other coworker decided that its her job now to find me a guy to fuck so i realize what i'm missing... :/


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find her a girl to fuck

so that she can know what she's missing ;)

"gay: cheerful and lighthearted; merry." - The American Heritage Dictionary.