A potential gf?

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I just spent the last hour or so talking to aja, who as my best friend thinks she can hook me up and find me a gf before i leave in 5 or 6 months. the problem i have with that is i'm getting kinda tired of everyone wanting and feeling the need to hook me up. do i come off as a big ass lonely lesbian to everyone? the other problem is with what happens when i leave? is whoever i end up meeting goin to want to wait for me to come back, or jump into someone elses arms the moment i'm gone?

Its depressing to think like that but its true. most people wouldnt wait a few months for someone they'll pretty much move on. there are people who'll wait, but whats the chances that in the nxt few months i'll meet that person? about one in a million. life is jus complicated and i'm going to end up being alone for a loong time...