another weird dream, and the inevitable cold.

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So I recently came down with a cold that I more-than-likely got from me mother. I really felt it on Wednesday, so I took off school & work yesterday and today, and spent the time lounging and reading Wiccan books I borrowed from the library. I'm actually feeling much better today, so much better that I got up and danced for 15 (I think?) minutes as part of an energy raising exercise from one of my books...that might have affected it too, I'm not sure. :D

So last night I had yet another one of those weird ass slightly unintelligible dreams last night. Here's the scene...

I'm leaving work, through the south lobby as usual, it's dark (and snowing I think) outside, as it always is. I cross the street, and my friends are there waiting for me. We walk and laugh, until I notice they aren't there anymore.
Instead, I see this kid walk hurriedly by me, shouting "YESSSS!" Shortly after, this group of thug kids follow him, and I see it in their eyes that they want to jump him/mug him/take his money. But I continue to walk, and now I noticed that this guy I know (by name, we don't really talk) is walking next to me, and I just say hi and we keep walking, until he turns around and says "Watch out", and pushes me away as the guy from before (the one shouting) almost plows into me, running. He trips and falls into a pile of glass (....ouch?), and the scary thug kids beat him up. Then, I wake up unceremoniously as always.

I feel like analyzing this one, I haven't analyzed a dream in a while. It might have some unusual hidden meaning that makes no sense until I have an epiphany and realize it suddenly, as they all do.


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Ok i'm confusing, someone was trying to push you and the guy you no (From work?) got you out of the way. Right? Now was it the guy you say hi to at work who falls into the glass and gets beat up? Maybe it means that you think hes kind of your saviour. or if you phyic (just a thought) maybe he will be your saviour, you never no, ur brain could no somthing you dont.
Sry my spelling sucks, hope you can read all that.
Now as for your books, what ones were you reading? Have you ever heard of Scott Cuningham or Silver Raven Wolf (im not sure if there all seperate names or if RavenWolf is together but either way) there both great. I think Scott Cuningham is better tho, he has this perfect herb book called Magical Herbalism thats practicly to live by, if your into herbs that is. What do you study?
would she, could she been thinking of me? all along
and if thats true, would she tell me the truth?
Cause its a long way down when your hopes are high as mountains
and i am worried that im falling for u

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Yes I know the dream is very

Yes I know the dream is very confusing, and who knows, you might be right about the savior thing.

I've been reading a book by Silver Ravenwolf, "Teen Witch", and I haven't read anything by Cunningham even though I want too. Herbs are interesting, I definitely want to know more about that, but my real thing is divination and psychic abilities, ever since I was little I had prophetic dreams on and off and I always thought I was psychic, so I wanna develop my abilities more.

~"And this is how the dreams of the disenfranchised are born! It's a series of humiliating events, each followed by the rallying cry of 'Someday you'll all be sorry! I'M GONNA BE A STAR! I'm gonna have my own special on GAY CABLE!"--Alec Mapa~

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In Lauries Stolarz Blue is

In Lauries Stolarz Blue is for Nighmares set, in her book Red is for Rememberance she talked about that book. What i'm really into, also, is like astroprojection and things like that. On they have a lot of good info,maybe what your looking for.
I used to be scared of
Letting someone in
But it gets so lonely
Being on my own
No one to talk to
And no one to hold me
I'm not always strong
Oh, I need you here
Are you listening?