ARGH! Pissed off!

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Argh im so fucking pisssed off right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of my bajillion assignments is due on thursday. I'm no where near done and i've spent SOOOOOO many hours on it. Yesterday i work 6 hours straight to work out the financing part ( i have to pretend to make a venture and crap). On friday i had asked my dad to make up the floor plan for me.. I had hand drawn it i just wanted him to convert it onto the computer (cuz he has a special program). That's all i asked him to do. I told him under no circumstances was he to change it cuz i've already done many other parts of the project based on what i drew.
And what does he do. He takes away an entire room. adds a new room that's suppose to be a board room.. too bad i don't fucking need one and i worked out my financing. I can't afford stupid table and chairs like he drew!! ARGH i'm sooo fucking pisssed offf
Im sitting here crying trying to feel less pissed off so that i can actually take another 6 hours to re do the financing.
I'm so stressed and i just want a hug but to bad my mom went 4 hours away today so i'm all alone in the house. till like 11pm. OI have a headache and a fever and im not feeling well at all and my dog has been puking all over the house. And i have like a million bajillion things i should be doing rather then sitting here and typing this.


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that really sucks

is it possible to make your dad redo the drawing or for you to just hand in your hand-drawn thing? Things always seem to work out so try to not let it get to you and just sit down and do the work you need to do (easier said than done, i know) *hugs and more hugs and even more hugs.

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