Bikinis & bikinis & bikinis...

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Thats all i saw today. hehe. i enjoyed it...well to a certain point. two reasons why i didnt enjoy it are that one) i wish i had a body like all cute sexy girls i saw & two) i felt lonely. i looked at all them girls and longed to have someone with me.

My loneliness kinda makes checking out girls feel like i have nothing better in my life to do. it has no meaning. like i have nothing to live for and thats sad. really sad. i just wish that i could meet someone, that special girl who will make my life complete.


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i understand

yes i understand where your coming from

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*hugs* You'll find her.


You'll find her. :3

Until then, I think it's good not to feel too bad about being single and find other things you're interested in, like a sport or an art or hobby. If you can focus on other things and set goals for yourself, being single doesn't feel quite as bad... :3 Though it's kind of hard to distract yourself like that sometimes. ^^;

Good luck either way.