Bliss shouldn't be measured by material wealth

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I'm nearly hoooooome
that wondorous place where i can do nothing and have nothing to account for the time wasted.
I'm leaving this awesome snow-covered wonderland tomorrow morning. Bright and early, and they say. Now who is "they" anyway? And that saying has become obsolete with the invention of the lightbulb. "they" must be pretty old....
I have my AMAZING new guitar that I love and treasure beyond all measure
and I have my new-old trumpet, which I don't know how to play very well yet, but I still shine it every day
and i have my new-old violin, which my mom knows how to hold preperly and can show me "the tricks of the trade" as they say. Damn old farts. "they" sneak in everywhere.
snd I have my new-new castle, witht he knights in shining armor on horses with matching saddles and the two princesses. Both in green dresses and on gray ponies. But that has to stay here. On the other side of the country. gathering the dust that will ineluctably fall from the ceiling only to blown off again when apprehended in six month's time. When I can come back to this awesome snow'covered place when the coldness has thawed and the birs return home. Along with the mosquitoes. but let us not speak of the mosquitoes. For they in their reflex, intuitive life, ahve in instilled a fear and anger deep in our hearts. and itchy skin.

But the point is, I'm leaving tomorrow and
I don't wanna go

and school starts next week. Which I generally don't mind. but SOMETIMES, ya know..... it just gets on my nerves....

oh, the joys of awesome, snow covered wonderlands. Sometimes I feel like I'm in a snowglobe.... it's so prefect....