Cashmere Mofia... and other gay tv shows.

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So i just got finished watching Cashmere Mofia. It was rather good. One of the four main characters thinks she's a lesbian. There were 2 lesbian kisses... it was the premiere night. L Word season 5 started today as well... but i watched the episode when it was premiered last week on
ABC seems to be becoming alot more gay friendly. Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives, and Chashmere Mofia. All have gay characters and right now all have big gay story lines going on.... And then there are countless other reality ones ABC has that either a judge, dancer, singer, or host is gay. And then Soaps but i don't necessarily count Soaps i'm not sure why. I think it's because it's not primetime...


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I watched the first 3 seasons of the L-Word, and I was so heavily into it... I think I cried when Dana died, and I never cry from T.V./movies... but by the 4th season I started to get sick of the sho... and now I am TOTALLY sick of it!
I have spent so many years watching shows that have "gay people" on them- L Word, Queer as Folk, Will & Grace, Buffy, 6 Feet Under, Degrassi, Ex's & Oh's, Tila Tequila, etc... not to mention a plethora of gay-themed movies... and I am getting fucking sick of them ALL!
Seriously, I have enough lesbian drama in my OWN life, why would I still want to watch it on T.V.? For "entertainment"? Uh-uh.
And at this point in my life, after all the bullshit I've been thru with girls... now when I see 2 girls (on T.V. or in real life) who are involved in a loving, caring, romantic, healthy relationship... it pisses me off, because I SHOULD have that... but I DON'T.
Girl-girl porn is still cool tho, because at least lots of it is fucking hot and it helps me... satisfy my carnal hunger. My laptop is now running extremely low on disk-space because I spent the winter vacation downloading hours of girl-girl erotic loving... and there's no shame in that! Yayyy...

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Well L-Word i still like..

Well L-Word i still like.. my life is low in girl drama.
Queer as Folk i can't find to rent, or download and i don't get it on my tv.
Buffy was like when i was 6... to young to appreciate it fully.
I hate the show Ex's and Oh's it pisses me off.
6 feet under i've never seen before.
Degrassi i try and watch as much as possible but i grew up watching the original so it's hard to get into. But i still love it.
I can see your point though- too much drama in your life don't need to see it on tv. I get lonely here without many lesbians (there are plenty i can just never find any to chill with). I also like drama.. if i din't why would watch most of the shows on tv? They all have drama on them.. most are just guy/girl drama not guy/guy or girl/girl.
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... well... I don't think

... well... I don't think it's growing more friendly really... It may accually lose popularity... Idon't watch it though...
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