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Today in health class we talked about transgenderism, I was the only one who seemed to have a clear understanding of what it was, lol. Anyways, it got into a discussion about homosexuality. I've been planing on coming out in health class in our upcoming unit on homosexuality and i nearly came out today except i wasn't called on. I was really nervous and shaking and freezing the whole time. The room was pretty cold but I don't think that was what really caused it because right after class I went outside with no coat on and stoped shivering. I was just really shaken by being so close to coming out. After health class I took a walk around the block during lunch, talked with a friend, and then had history class, all of which made me feel much better.

After history I had my meeting with my advisor. My advisor, David, is really nice, really crazy, head of school, gay and out, so I decided to talk to him about coming out. He was really helpful. He told me that he had found it helpful to plan exactly how to come out when he was strugling with coming out. He suggested that I talk to my health teacher and coming up with a signal so that if I ever felt it was a good time in a discussion about homosexuality to come out I'd give her this signal and she'd make sure that I'd get a chance to speak. So I havn't talked to her yet but I will soon. In the meantime I have someone to help me through this whole thing, which is really nice.

David isn't really really really gay, but he's fairly effeminite, also he's always been out and very open about his sexuality so I was really surprised when he told me he had been married to a woman. We were talking about coming out and he said that he found it really difficult to come out to his son. I had assumed that he and his current partner had adopted him and his son had grown up knowing that David was gay. But apparently he had married then a few years into the marriage, after having a kid, started getting homoerotic thought, separated from his wife and had to come out to his kid. I don't know, I just thought it was wierd to think of him ever being married because he had always seemed so comfortable and sure of himself, it was odd to think of an adult going through that same sort of confusion and questioning and craziness that i went through with accepting and discovering my sexuality.


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good luck for whenever you

good luck for whenever you do come out! i hope it goes well.

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You have a whole unit on

You have a whole unit on homosexuality? And you have an out and proud counselor? Good luck on coming out. I would be shaking too if I were planning on coming out to my whole class.