...down with the sickness.

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i've been sick for about 4 days now. feeling like a pile of crap lol. it sucks cause i missed 3 days of school already and i hate missing school. i had a bowl of good ol Campbell's chicken noodle soup & a cup of nice hot herbal tea curled up on the couch watching Doctor Who. a very serene, & peaceful moment. i wish that i could share this moment with someone, just to hold, cuddle with, & take a nice nap with. that would make my sickness go away :)

Reminds me of what i was talking about with aja last night. We were talking bout her and her bf/husband to be and how committed she is, then i started talking bout how lonely i am and all that pathetic stuff. Its kinda sad. Lol. But i ended up saying something that made me think a lot...all the things in my life that i'm doing now thats going to help me future wise, everyone is happy that i did it and that i'm going to have good money and benefits but i dont really care about all that...all i care bout is what i have at the end. yeah know what i mean?


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you know, if you had someone to cuddle and kiss with while you were sick u'r infect them. that would suck!
know what you mean though about the loneliness thing, being lonely sucks especially when everyone around you is in couples and it sux doubly on holidays and weekends. by the way the description of what u'r eating made me sick, no offense i hate chicken noodles and tea is only good with cake!
hope u get all u want though ms 808, then there will be much rejoicing.
all the best my ferret

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I know just what you mean! And I'm so proud and happy and glad you realized what you did like the others have seen, and hope you feel WAY better soon! And Campbells, I should have some soon, haha, actually no, because it's canned soup. But I sort of want some for memory's sake! You will find someone just as beautiful as you, someone to cuddle with and hold, and omg check out the song in my journal entry and you'll get it and you know what, there are so many others out there as ready for love as you and so many who would swoon for you when they saw you, so it's really just a matter of time, and you'll be stronger after each day!

You're Amazing.