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well, it's been a long time since i write here again..
it'll sound kinda weird but i'll make this short, i'm confused about my dreams
in real life, i like femme girls and for the past few dreams i dreamnt of femme girls
but yesterday's dream was me and 'shane' from the Lword.
when i wake up, i was thinking to myself, i like butch girls?
or is it just a dream? does dream tells you which type of girls you like?


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Welcome back!

I'd say you're the one who can tell what sort of people you like, no one else! Really, if you dreamed about a boy feeling you up, do you think that would indicate you're attracted to boys? Or was it just an exploration by the subconscious? Probably the latter!

So if you like femme girls, then hooray, if you dreamt about Shane, maybe you just like the character's characteristics! What about Shane do you like over the other L Word characters? If you can't pinpoint anything, maybe you're more receptive to the idea of a butch girl than you originally thought!

You're Amazing.