emo child

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No megusta mi tarea.
I have so much work. So I procrastinated by making tortillas and playing my songs on my keyboard. And remembering a particularly emo song i wrote a while ago. My throat started hurting from singing so emo-ly, so I made myself a cup of tea. It burned my tongue. And I'm depressed because my parents are gone (at my sister's soccer game) and I can't do anything productive because I have this giant weight on my shoulders (homework).
I want to write, I want to sing, I want to read, I want to practice my songs. I want to figure out why my brand-new ipod deleted everything off of itself. But I'm going to have to be a good little girl and do what I was told to do. But at least I don't cut myself anymore.....


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Homework sucks. But on the

Homework sucks. But on the other hand, it's sometimes easier to go about life as soon as you get it done. Sorry 'bout the tounge tho. That's the worst.

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?