first post of 08

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I actually grew on my short hair, as in, the cut I had a couple months ago.

I'm deciding to make a list of all the songs I want included in movies I will write in the future. I'll store it somewhere safe where I can always refer to it and add to it. So far: "For Mark and Measure" by Talea [local band], "Oh MJ" by the Little Ones, "7/4 Shoreline" by Broken Social Scene and I can't think of anything else off the top of my head right now. "Lazy Eye" by Silversun Pickups, maybe?

The first one I already have a scene worked out. First one in the movie. The rest of the movie is waiting to be written. In fact, I have nothing written in the slightest. Not even a story line.

I have a show tomorrow. We know that I'm not leaving that band afterall, yeah? It's at the place I played a few weeks ago. Pretty good, but packed with technical difficulties. I got strap locks to prevent my strap from popping off again. I had to sit on my ass and play for a verse and a chorus. Christ. However, it's hard to prevent the guitarist's string from snapping. Just grab a back up I guess =/

I went to a New Years Eve party, played with a cute kitten [btw, I think my mom is actually going to get me a couple... wow], played sherades [sp?], and then went out to C's beach house. We kissed when the ball dropped =] First time I've done that. Last year I had a boyfriend [yuck] and his parents were bizzerck so we didn't kiss. And then C and I watched Kathy Griffin accompanied by S. We slept at 2 and the wind shook the windows and the current and in the morning the sand was rippled. Happy New Year.